Carol “The Queen” Clay

Carol Clay was born in 1950 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  She’s married to her early years-sweetheart, Charles.  She’s been a Communications Project Manager for Virginia Dominion Power for 25 years (and can’t wait to retire so that she can skydive full-time!).

Carol’s first jump was in 1969.  She has since racked up over 16,000 skydives with over 260 hours of freefall time….that’s almost 11 days in freefall!!!  She holds USPA A-, B-, C-, and D- licenses (all are 4-digit license numbers!), a PRO rating, and a total of EIGHT skydiving world records, beginning in 1983 and as recently as the 2005 “Jump for the Cause” women’s world record.

Carol can be found at the dropzone nearly every weekend, in rain or shine, organizing RW dives and fun jumps.  Everyone is always welcome on a “Carol-way”, regardless of jump number or experience level.  She is truly “The Queen” of skydiving!

Gear Check

Carol's early jumps

Carol's 16,000th Jump!