The 70’s

70 1

The ’70’s were a time for growth of skydiving in general and of the Peninsula Skydivers. In the picture above is: Front Row, center is Rick Odum who is holding the picture. This was to celebrate his 2,000th jump in 1979 and the photo he is holding was the photo taken before his 1,000th jump in 1975. Carol Clay on the far right, who has been a large part of West Point history since the mid seventies. Back Row Bill Ottley at far left and one to the right is Tommy Bryant. The Peninsula club continued to grow many top level competitors in the Style and Accuracy meets as Relative Work began it’s infancy.

70 2

This is a shot of Tommy Bryant, Stan Hicks, and Clayton Schoepple at the 1972 Eastern Conference.

70 3

This is a shot from the 1975 Eastern Conference.

70 4

Here is Carol Clay descending under her ParaCommander. Could there be any more vents in those damn things??!!