Awesome Tandem Skydive!!!

Magic Carpet Ride

Raft Dive from the Casa

Thrilling raft dive from the Casa’s tailgate!

Sunset over West Point

West Point offers spectacular sunsets…

Sunset Jump over STP

…and equally spectacular sunset jumps!!!

Hybrid skydive!

Hybrid skydive!

Landing Area

STP has 2 primary landing areas.  The main landing area, a grassy, wide open field, is for jumpers of all levels.  There is also a high performance landing area designated for swoopers.  Both are an easy walk back to the packing area.

Here is an aerial photo of the DZ and the surrounding area:

Here is another photo of the landing area, looking toward the West:


STP provides plenty of room for packing in one of several covered, shady, grassy areas.  Packers are available most days….there’s one now!!

4-way action!

Corey swoops the pond!

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