STP boasts several types of skydiving aircraft to satisfy your adrenaline needs!  We have a turbine  Beechcraft King Air and a souped-up Cessna 182 (“The Fireball”) stationed full-time at the dropzone, with specialty aircraft flying in for special events throughout the year. Casas, Twin Otters, and a Bell JetRanger helicopter are all on the schedule this year. STP is the only dropzone in Virginia that can boast a Casa tailgate jump plane!

Gear Store

Whether you need a new face shield for your full face helmet, replacement batteries for your dytter or a new STP T-shirt, we’ve got it.  We can also help you with large purchases like a new jumpsuit, canopy or container.

Rigging Services

There are several onsite riggers at STP to take care of your every rigging need, from a simple reserve repack to major harness, container or canopy repairs work.

Landing Area

STP has 2 primary landing areas.  The main landing area, a grassy, wide open field, is for jumpers of all levels.  There is also a high performance landing area designated for swoopers.  Both are an easy walk back to the packing area.

Here is an aerial photo of the DZ and the surrounding area:

Here is another photo of the landing area, looking toward the West:


There are numerous hotels within 15-20 minutes of the DZ.  Here is a partial listing:

Washington Burgess Inn, 18940 Motel Drive, West Point, VA 23181-9409; (804) 843-2100 – 5 minutes from DZ

Super 8 Williamsburg – 15 minutes from DZ

Days Inn – Lightfoot – 15 minutes from DZ

Great Wolf Lodge

– 15 minutes from DZ

Hampton Inn

– 20 minutes from DZ


STP provides plenty of room for packing in one of several covered, shady, grassy areas.  Packers are available most days….there’s one now!!