What to Bring on Your First Visit

First Jump Students
Please visit the school website at www.skydivewestpoint.com for information about making your first jump.

Licensed Jumpers
When you arrive for the first time at STP please go to manifest to complete our waiver.  You should also provide the following documentation at that time:

  • USPA membership card – it must be current!
  • Logbook – YOU must be current!  If not, we’ll help you do a recurrency jump.
  • Packing data card for each rig you will be jumping – your RIG(s) must be current!
  • Valid ID (that verifies your age)

Jumper Requirements

Skydiving is a sport for free spirits and those with a healthy sense of adventure. As such, we try to keep rules and regulations to a minimum. The rules we do have are there to keep us safe and ensure that our sport continues to thrive and grow.
  • You must be a member of the USPA or the National Parachute Organization from your country of residence and hold at least an “A”-license or its equivalent.
  • Jumpers must be current according to the requirements of their license. Anyone who is not current must make a recurrency jump with one of our instructors before being cleared to jump at STP.
  • All skydivers must use gear which has been maintained to the standards of their National Parachute Organization(*) — for U.S. skydivers, that’s the United States Parachute Association (USPA).  Before manifesting, you must present your rig’s reserve data card to verify that your reserve has been repacked by a certified parachute rigger within the appropriate time period — for U.S. jumpers, that means within the last 180 days.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to skydive. We require you to bring a valid photo ID with you on the day of your first jump. No ID, no jump. No exceptions.
  • Although skydivers are a fun-loving community, safety is always our first concern. For this reason, we cannot allow anyone to skydive who has any alcohol or other judgment-impairing medications or substances in their system.

(*) Foreign guests who have further questions about skydiving and how U.S. regulations affect their gear’s eligibility can find that information on the USPA website.